Clients come first.

Our guiding principal is putting clients first. Our family-owned business model allows us to focus on on the interests of our clients, not shareholders or venture capitalists.  Our team works to help define and understand program goals, which incorporate cyber maturity, corporate culture, risk tolerance and budget. We make custom recommendations that are actionable and pertinent to your cyber program.

Colleagues for life.

We understand the cybersecurity space if ever-growing, creating amazing career opportunities and life experiences. We strive to create a-colleagues-for-life atmosphere to help our clients be successful in their role, or help find new and elevated position through leveraging our network.

Integrity & quality.

We hold integrity and quality in the highest regard. We will always recommend what is best for the client, even if that means another service provider is the better option. We strive to create and sustain relationships with numerous other providers, so if we don’t have the skills in-house, we can help get you the right team.

Dedication to the field of cybersecurity.

Our team has spent decades devoted to cybersecurity. It is our passion and we truly enjoy our work and contributions to the community. Our leadership contributed to the founding frameworks of what is now OWASP and PCI. Our team members also contribute to the planning and execution of DefCon, and have won several hacking competitions.