The Art of the Red Team

There are both common and unique aspects of organizations—in human behavior, process, and technology. Any of one of these can be an adversary, but combined they can offer new vulnerabilities not seen through a single lens. New technologies may lack mature processes; organizations lose understanding of old technologies; humans can fall victim to perceived kindness.

Our holistic approach to red team includes using all these aspects to test an organization’s cyber-resilience through the eyes of an adversary.

Choosing the right Red Team Model

Choosing the right structure for a red team depends on several factors. Structures can change over time due to requirements, thus consider long term implications and sustainability.


  • Evolving drivers; Compliance, due diligence, 3rd party requirements, board level requirements, new executive leadership, incidents, and the ever-evolving threat landscape
  • Evolving budgets
  • Technical integration requirements
  • Current in-house skill sets / Talent loss and talent acquisition