With ever-emerging threats, continuous introduction of new regulations and a sea of cybersecurity products, managing a cyber program can be daunting. Advyz Cyber Risk Services from Entisys360 focuses on making custom recommendations that match goals, corporate culture, risk tolerance and budget, through assessments, process improvement consulting or technology implementations. Teaming with leading security providers, the Advyz Cyber Risk Services team works closely with clients to ensure that their organization is prepared and has the tools and technologies in place to navigate the right solution partners, while protecting data, applications and infrastructure in the event of a data breach or other cybersecurity incident.

To learn more about current trends in cybersecurity for the healthcare industry, we sat down with Adam Bolio, Executive Vice President, Cyber Risk Services, Advyz.

Q: What are some of the overall security trends that healthcare organizations should be aware of moving into the second half of 2020? 

A: Besides the expanding remote workforce, it is important to note that even before the pandemic, large healthcare organizations were shifting to more population-focused healthcare initiatives including telehealth. No longer is it necessary for patients to go to the hospital or a doctor’s office to obtain treatment. Many services can be provided over the phone or via an Internet connection. However, with this improved connectivity between the care provider and patient, comes an array of security concerns which must be managed. Data is moving outside of the perimeter, thus protecting data and information that is transferred between the provider and patient will be top of mind. These organizations will be looking for solutions that provide the flexibility patients and clinicians have come to expect from their technology, with the security that is needed to prevent breaches and other cyber threats.

Q: Is there anything specifically that healthcare organizations should be doing right now to protect clinicians, staff and patients?

A: Today’s healthcare organizations should  focus on protecting the data as it traverses in and beyond their network. Organizations should be investing in cloud security and technologies that provide visibility and control of the data in cloud services, and to non-traditional or “agentless” endpoints such as internet of things (IoT) equipment or connected medical devices. The industry has traditionally underutilized threat intelligence, which when integrated properly, can guide an organization in understanding the risks, as well as where to take action or make investments.

Q: Why should healthcare organizations engage with Advyz Cyber Risk Services?

A: Our number one value proposition is the knowledge and experience of our team. We are a vendor-neutral services organization that serves as a trusted advisor – helping our clients successfully navigate the complexities associated with cybersecurity.

Learn how Advyz Cyber Risk Services can help you create a strategy for managing risk and compliance, while helping to filter the noise of myriad cybersecurity technologies at https://advyz.entisys360.com.

Previously published in the Orange County Business Journal