Our guiding principle is putting clients’ needs first.

Our goal is to help our clients mature their cybersecurity program.

Whether through assessments, process improvement consulting or technology implementations, we focus on making custom recommendations that match goals, corporate culture, risk tolerance and budget

Teaming with leading security providers, the Advyz Cyber Risk Services team works closely with you to ensure that your organization is prepared and has the tools and technologies in place to help you navigate the right solutions partners, while  protecting your data, applications and infrastructure in the event of a data breach or other cybersecurity incident.

With ever-emerging threats, continuous introduction of new regulations and a sea of cybersecurity products, managing a cyber program can be daunting. Advyz can help you create a strategy for managing risk and compliance, while helping to filter the noise of myriad cybersecurity technologies.

Our Solutions

We strive to help you do more with what you have, making the most of investments in your people and technology.


We help organizations align cyber security programs to business imperatives, while guiding investments to pertinent risk and compliance requirements.

  • Cyber strategy and risk and compliance assessments
  • Risk management implementations
  • Cyber training and awareness
  • Third party risk management

We help establish and test risk aligned controls in both  networks and applications. Whether in the traditional network or extended to the cloud.

  • Network and application penetration testing (red team)
  • Vulnerability management
  • Secure architecture and configurations

We help organizations build detection and response capabilities that leverage intelligence to guide analyst and technology focus.

  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Managed detection and response
  • Data protection
  • Incident response consulting and retainer services

We enable secure access to essential resources from anywhere, as we know it is essential for businesses and workforces to remain flexible and resilient.

  • Single Sign On
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Identity and access management lifecycle implementations
  • Cloud-based identity and access management

We help organizations align their privacy programs to existing and emerging regulations, as well as help enable privacy by design.

  • Privacy program assessments
  • Compliance assessments and readiness
  • Privacy Program Development

Our Strategic Markets

Advyz understands that industries have unique requirements for their cyber programs. Whether due to compliance and business partner requirements, or company strategic initiatives and culture, cyber solutions must address security without impeding the mission. Our leadership team has specialized experience in our strategic markets, enabling us to provide recommendations and solutions that meet your industry’s challenges.


Advyz’s leadership team has served some of the largest health systems in the US. We understand the importance of enabling caregivers in both the traditional clinical settings, as well as through modern delivery systems like virtual and telehealth.

Government & Education

Advyz’s team has supported California, Oregon, & Arizona state government and large education systems for nearly two decades. Many of our senior advisory team have served as CISOs and CIOs for these institutions.


As part of a technology company that helps enable innovation through solutions in software defined datacenter, devops and remote access technologies, Advyz understands the imperative of maintaining cutting edge solutions that enable an innovative workforce without hindering creativity and productivity with cumbersome security controls.

Financial Services Sector

Our advisors have helped 8 of the 10 largest financial instructions in the world develop and expand their cybersecurity programs.  Our team members understand the unique complexities and internal workings of large global financial services organizations on down to local credit unions each with their own unique tolerances for risk.

Energy Sector

Advyz’s team has helped large private and public sector energy sector clients including several of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.  We understand the imperative risks faced today by the energy sector,  and can bring our decades of experience to help solve your current and future cybersecurity challenges.